Isabella Hanson

Creative and Events

From organising different types of events and marketing for a range of clients from non profit groups to commercial clients, Isabella lives to create and is forever immersing in some form of artistic endeavour.  With a Master degree in Design from the College of Fine Arts (UNSW), Isabella fully utilises her creative juices to fulfil her clients wildest and most unusual requests.  As a skilled artist, Isabella is able to make custom decorations in a variety of mediums from fabric to flowers to style your event in the most original way. Isabella is also a native Cantonese speaker, she is an experienced event host and will add much value at an event that requires a multilingual organiser.

Skill set: graphic design, floristry, creating custom decorations in different mediums, singer, co-ordinator and host.

Sam Hanson

Events & Operations 

With over 10+ years of experience in Events coordinating and management Sam is ready to progress to the next stage of his career. Proven track records with small to medium scale events of upwards of 1000 people including dealing with high profile celebrities has given Sam a unique advantage into coordinating for demanding situations. With a Bachelor and Masters Degree under his belt Sam is professional and will endeavour to make your Event the memorable experience it should be. Being able to see what others can't is in particular just one of the many things that he can bring to the table. He will strive to meet your every need for your next Event.

Skill set: singer, event execution, planner, co-ordinator and host

Jenny Seymour

Creative & Operations 

A Baker Extraordinaire you wouldn't expect from a qualified Chartered Accountant. Jenny's baking skills rival some of the best Sydney bakers.  She makes a variety of deserts such as cakes, biscuits, chocolates and even jams and condiments.  Our favourite has got to be her almond thins which she packages into attractive little shiny packets.  These are usually very popular as wedding Bonbonnieres. Jenny is also very creative and is often helping with floristry and making various custom decorations.  Being sharp with numbers, Jenny keeps everything within budget ensuring that we stay in the green.  

Skill set: baker, bonbonieres, floristry, creating custom decorations, event execution, planner, co-ordinator.