Welcome to Wildflower Concepts.  My name is Isabella and I am a multi-disciplinary artist.


As an only child I spent many hours and days entertaining myself.  I loved to draw, sing and most importantly create things with my hands. As I grew older, this obsession to create never subsided. This then led me to spend 3 years doing an Masters of Design degree in hope to quench my hunger for further artistic development.  

While I was studying my design degree, I was offered an opportunity to become a florist assistant to assist a lady who did floral design for a non profit group. She was also flooded with wedding bookings, so with plenty of practice, I mastered my technical floristry skills quickly.


Soon I was involved in organising various events for non profit groups and the rest was history. Over the years, I have styled, co-ordinated and performed in numerous events (I am also a singer of Scarlet Fusion - a Fusion Contemporary Jazz band).  I understand the pain of having to deal with different vendors so instead of doing that I created "in-house departments" within the organisations to do the work ourselves.  As I have a few stings to my bow, I was able to supervise my teams in general styling, floristry, graphic design and live music.  Of course I would still have to use third party suppliers at times, but I would only had to deal with a few, as most of the work had been internalised by my teams.


Why Wildflower Concepts

Here at Wildflower Concepts, we want to make organising an event easy and enjoyable for you.  As a relentless organiser, I have again created "in-house specialist teams" to deal with your event styling so as to minimise the number of vendors you have to deal with. 

Wildflower Concept is passionate about your event, we are dedicate to turning your dream events into reality. Floristry is of course our strongest suit but we are also able to create custom made props/decorations and graphic design to match with your event theme, in order to create a seamless design overall.


In order to ensure that your event runs smoothly we also provide onsite co-ordinating and English and Chinese (Cantonese) hosting if required.

We are a proud member of the Australian Bridal Services - Gold Member

Australian Bridal Services Gold Member Wildflower Concepts